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High Performance Team Coaching

Lead your team to success. On the right path. In the right way.

More than 1,700 managers have increased team performance and improved their team leader skills after this training.

21 - 24th November 2024. / Belgrade<

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Did you know 97% of employees and managers believe that a lack of team alignment affects the outcome of a project or task. That only 1 in 5 teams really achieve good performance?

Developing and leading high-performance teams can be one of the most relevant career experiences – and, at the same time, one of the most challenging.

Unlock the full potential of each team member with coaching tools, and achieve more than expected!

If in your team:

1. There are frequent conflicts
2. Certain individuals have low engagement
3. There is no clear goal and no long-term thinking
4. Some members do not deliver results, which affects the performance of the whole team
Then this is the right training for you! Learn the tools to keep your team in sync and improve your results in no time!

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Who is " High Performance Team Coaching" intended for?

HR experts
Team leaders
Project managers
Project managers Scrum Masters and Product Owners
Business Unit managers
Teams facing changes
Teams where there are conflicts
Newly formed teams

What will your team have achieved after training?

Improving of collaboration and team performance
Clarity of each team member’s role
Constructive conflict resolution
Creating conditions for continuous learning as a team
Developing a plan and action steps
Sense of belonging and setting team goals and values
This training is the first and only team coaching training accredited by ICF, which carries 30 CCEU
All training participants will receive an Erickson Team Coach certificate.

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ICF accredited coaching training

This training satisfies the so-called "golden standard" of the world's largest coaching association - ICF, which means that it is one of the highest quality coaching programs in the world. It carries 14 CCEU.

Who will be your coach?

  • Maria is a professional ICF-ACC coach, Erickson coach and trainer with many years of experience working with people.
  • She has led over 300 workshops and projects in the field of people and team development so far. /li>
  • She works on projects for the development of organizational culture and employees in the most successful companies in Serbia.
  • She holds the position of Head of Growth and Partner at Atria Group.
  • Her area of expertise is working with teams and coaching individuals, focusing on potential development, personal and professional development of employees.

Atria team coaching – inhouse training

Atria Group is an international consulting company with the mission to provide its clients with the best possible solutions in the field of leadership, professional and personal development. High Performance Team Coaching training is intended for managers who want to become team coaches, but it can be fully adapted to your company’s needs. We are aware that every organization has specific challenges and needs, and that it carefully chooses its partner on the path to success. We are proud to have been trusted by leading foreign and domestic companies. If you also want to improve your business, thus developing a high-performance team, creating specific training for your employees, send us an e-mail to

Learn how to use different leadership styles for everyday situations and different people.

Discover how to direct the different forces of your team for greater creativity and productive cooperation and achieve measurable results!

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Training date:
21 - 24th November 2024
The training is in English
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011/4123-410 +381600290069