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High Performace Team Coaching

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Training Date: May 20, 2022.. / Belgrade + livestream

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Did you know that only one, in a group of five teams, is fully achieving results? The success of the company depends mainly on communication between team members, while research has shown that managers spend as to 80% of their time resolving disputes and conflicts.

Atria Group offers you a solution to this challenge!

About High Performance Team Coaching

High Performance Team Coaching is an innovative program by Erickson Coaching International, designed to help leaders and managers to overcome the challenges they are facing with, while managing a team, and encourage innovation and strategic thinking through the use of specific value-based tools.

Erickson Coaching International is a global leader in the creation and implementation of unique coaching, based on a solution-focused coaching approach. Erickson has a 39-year tradition, exists in 85 countries, and has over 45,000 training trainees worldwide.

The training is held in English.

Why choose
High Performance Team Coaching?

A strong organizational culture, as well as the values on which it is based, are a basic predictor of an organization's success and prosperity. Training "High Performance Team Coaching" deals with all stages of team development - from formation to improvement of team work, and can be applied in any company regardless of its size and activity.

This training examines and defines the structure and principles of team dynamics, all with the goal of achieving clear, consistent and measurable results. It explains what a leader or manager can do in order to create team cohesion and to upgrade relationships between team members, from competitive ones to those who are full of respect and trust.

ICF accredited coaching training

This training meets the so-called the "gold standard" of the world's largest coaching association - ICF, which means that it is one of the highest quality coaching programs in the world. It brings 14 CCEUs.

Benefits of training

You will be surprised how much a twenty-four-hour investment can contribute to team efficiency and effectiveness, and in their growth. There are many benefits this training will bring to your business:

What is your team going to accomplish after training?

Growth of innovation and creativity
Systemic thinking and synergetic effect of the team, which is accompanied by strong initiative of each team member
Team spirit, mutual support and motivation of each team member
Achieving goals using visualization techniques and whiteboard coaching
All training participants will receive an Erickson Team Coach certificate.

For whom is High Performance
Team Coaching designed for?

HR experts
Team leaders
Project managers
Scrum Masters and Product Owners
Business Unit managers
Teams facing change
Teams where conflicts are present
Newly formed teams

Team success has its own structure!

Block 1
Block 1
Training Overview
What is a High Performance Team?
Laying the base for team coaching
Introducing the basic concepts of team coaching
Block 2
Block 2
The connection between the human brain and team coaching
Trends in team coaching movement - reports
Synergistic action of the team
Team values
Basic rules for developing successful teams
Block 3
Block 3
Team dynamics and communication between team members
The vision and mission of the team (Team vision and mission)
Implementing team coaching in a practical place
Block 4
Block 4
How to make the best decision?
Support during
Creating action plans to implement the decisions
Block 5
Block 5
How to elevate team dynamics and communication to a level of excellence?
Brainstorming technique
Whiteboard coaching
Applying team coaching on a practical example
Block 6
Block 6
Monitoring and evaluation of the team coaching process
Applying team coaching on a practical example
Analysing team value and learning curve
Block 7
Block 7
Defining the stages of development of successful teams
Team Conflict Management
How do you prepare team members to respond to any business challenge?
What is a team charter and why is it important?
Applying team coaching on a practical example
Block 8
Block 8
Developing team intelligence
Team success - celebration and satisfaction
Motivate individuals and also the whole team
Incorporate learned lessons into further business practice
End of training

Who will be your trainer?

  • Marija is a professional ICF-ACC coach, Erickson coach, and trainer with many years of experience in working with people
  • So far, she has led over 300 workshops and projects in the field of people and team development
  • He works on projects for the development of organizational culture and employees in the most successful companies in Serbia
  • In Atria Group she works as a Senior HR Consultant and Partner
  • Her area of expertise is working with teams and coaching with individuals with a focus on potential development, personal and professional development of employees


Atria Group is an international consulting company with a mission to provide its clients with the best possible solutions in the field of leadership, professional and personal development. High Performance Team Coaching is designed for executives who want to become team coaches, but it can be customized to your company’s needs. We are aware of the fact that each organization has specific challenges and needs, therefor it carefully selects associate on the path to success. We are proud that leading foreign and domestic companies have trusted us so far. If you also want to grow your business and develop a high-performance team thus creating custom training for your employees, email us at:

When an idea becomes a goal. When the individual energy of team members is pointed in the same direction. The results are visible, and the team becomes a high-performance team.

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Training Date: November 12- 14. 2021. / Belgrade + livestream

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