Marilyn Atkinson inspired Czech managers in Prague.

Marilyn Atkinson inspired Czech managers in Prague.


Marilyn Atkinson PhD, one of the best coaches in the world, has been introduced to the Prague’s coaching community for the first time. Her programs, lectures and training courses, which we attended in Prague, impressed all present managers, coaches, HRs and the others who are interested in the personality development.

On 19th of May, Marilyn held a lecture in the company T-Mobile in front of about 100 people, for the organization MINERVA 21 which gathers all female managers in the Czech Republic and helps women in leadership.

After that Marilyn performed at HR conference in the Czech National Bank, where she had a lecture in front of 300 people. The topic was „Memories of the Future“, where she introduced coaching as the perfect style of leadership for women, as she herself said – „ask approach“ is naturally closer to women than „tell approach.“

What followed was a workshop with internal coaches from „T-Mobile“, „ČSOB and „ČEZ“.

In the period from 20th – 22nd of May, Marilyn led the training „Nine Disciplines of the Whole Brain Thinking“ for the open public at hotel „Barceló“. The training was attended by 29 participants who wanted to learn more, not only about coaching, but also about personal development.

This training showed them how they can increase their inner freedom, their effectiveness, motivation, how to create a new sense of peace which relates to our past, how to stay away from stressful situations, how to control the results and begin to experience the serenity and playfulness.