High Performance Team Coaching with Marilyn Atkinson - Dostignite majstorstvo u vođenju timova!
High Performance
Team Coaching with Marilyn Atkinson
Achieve mastery in team leadership!
Let your team become a high-performance team.
March 23-26 2024. / Beograd

Individually, we can achieve a lot. Together, we can achieve much more!

Individually, we can achieve a lot. Together, we can achieve much more! Be part of the team coaching revolution. Seize the opportunity to learn from one of today's most eminent coaching experts. Team synergy is not just a sum of skills but a transformation of individual talents into a force that breaks the boundaries of achievement. Through 4 days of education, you will have the opportunity to master techniques and tools that will help you lead your team to excellence.

About training

Did you know that 97% of employees and managers believe that a lack of team alignment affects the outcome of a project or task? Only 1 in 5 teams truly performs well. Let that 1 be yours!

If in your team:

Certain individuals have low engagement

There are frequent conflicts

There is no clear goal and long-term thinking

Some members do not deliver results, affecting the overall team performance

Then this is the right training for you!
Unlock the full potential of each team member with coaching tools and achieve more than expected!

Let your coaching journey begin with High Performance Team Coaching with Dr. Marilyn Atkinson. *No prior coaching education is required for this training.
Notice: The High Performance Team Coaching Course is recognised for 30 CCEUs. It will be conducted in English.
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For whom this training is for
and what are benefits?

The training is designed for: - leaders who want to contribute to the organization's productivity by creating high-performance teams,
- professional external and internal coaches who want to expand their skill set and learn the Erickson methodology,
- individuals who want to apply coaching methodologies in their work with teams.
strengthening team spirit and increasing a sense of belonging - In the HPTC training, you will learn how to engage team members and leverage their unique skills and talents, building a strong sense of belonging to the team, fostering unity, and work efficiency.
Enhancing decision-making skills - a team is much more intelligent than any individual within it. By understanding the neurodynamics of strong systemic thinking, you will develop the ability to quickly and effectively make decisions together that lead to success.
Increasing creativity and resourcefulness - understanding the key functions of people's brain systems enables the team to expand its creative thinking, move from ideas to actions, and increase the ability to use available resources.
Conflict and diversity management - the training provides skills for effectively resolving conflicts, as well as recognizing and working with different personalities, styles, and mental frameworks within the team, maintaining a harmonious working environment.
Efficient monitoring and collaboration improvement - you will learn how to monitor your team's progress, identify opportunities for improving collaboration, leading to increased productivity and achieving common goals.
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Program curriculum

The High Performance Team Coaching Course is divided into 3 Themes:

1. Coming Together as a Team
(day 1 and day 2)

Learn how to engage team members and solicit their unique skills and talents. Use a variety of team methods to develop a ‘team mind’. Based on your organization’s overall purpose, define with the team its principles and values that form the underlying basis for working together. Explore aspects of team effectiveness that help create key structures and promote decision-making abilities. Practice how to appreciate team members’ contributions, skills and talents.

2. The High Performing Teams
(day 2 and day 3)

By understanding how some of people’s key brain systems function, it will become apparent that team bonding and visioning can actively be developed. Support the team to expand their creative thinking within different contexts, moving from ideas to actions. Create effective meeting structures and develop team dialogue to sharpen goal setting.

3. Sustaining Team Collaboration
(day 4)

Measure and track team progress and find opportunities to improve collaboration. Apply brainstorming tools to support creating action steps and accountability with team members. Gain skills in supporting the team to resolve conflict situations. Learn how to recognize working with a variety of personality traits, styles and mindsets that impact team dynamics.

Expected outcome of this training:

● Heightened sense of belonging
● Reduced feelings of isolation
● Increased resourcefulness
● Unifying the team around the same mission, vision, and values
● Effectively directing team members towards a common goal

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Who will be your trainer

Marilyn Atkinson

Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, founder of Erickson College and originator of the Solution-Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching model, actively contributed to the emergence and expansion of Solution-Focused Psychology, NLP, and the development of Meta Program Analysis for effective hiring and managerial approaches worldwide. As an Industrial Psychologist she honed solution-focused methods for multiple kinds of corporate engagements, making the tools effective and easy for managers to use. She was a dedicated student of Milton Erickson for years and gave his name to Erickson College. She also had the privilege to work directly with Fritz Perls, creator of Gestalt psychology. For the past ten years she has been developing both corporate and specialized coach training programs (ICF ACTP The Art and Science of Coaching) that have been taught in 33 countries. A former Registered Organizational Psychologist, Marilyn is an NLP Master Trainer and specialist in Ericksonian Communications. She began developing formal business coach training programs in the mid 1990s. Since then she has been helping leading global companies and leaders through Solution- Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching methodologies.
Training Date: March 23-26, 2024
Accreditation ICF Accredited Coaching
Education carrying 30 CCEU
Location Belgrade, exclusively IN PERSON
Seize the unique opportunity to learn from the founder of Erickson Coaching International. Achieve mastery in team leadership!
Price: 1.100EUR
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