High Performance Team Coaching with Marilyn Atkinson
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High Performance
Team Coaching

with Marilyn Atkinson 18.3.2018, Belgrade
Align and Motivate Teams to Achieve Set Goals!

Join the best team coaching training in the world! Improve your coaching skills and results of your team!

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Largest coaching community
There are over 48.000 coaches all over the world.
International experience
Erickson Coaching International is present in more than 40 countries worldwide.
36 years of tradition
You will learn methods and techniques which we have been developing since 1980.
Top-notch trainers
Erickson Coaching International has 34 trainers that are holding training on every continent.
The most effective coaching methodology
We developed the solution-focused methodology, which you can apply in every area of your life.
ICF Accredited
Our coach training is certified by top-notch coach federation, ICF.
Up-to-date training
Each year, we develop our training and adapt it to current and future trends.
High Performance Team Coaching

Incorporating value-based coaching techniques, this 3-day program helps align and motivate teams to achieve set goals. High Performance Team Coaching has helped in-house coaches, freelance corporate coaches and team leaders throughout the world apply our specific value-based tools to enhance creativity and strategic thinking. This course examines and defines the structure and principles of innovation within the team dynamic resulting in clear, consistent, and measurable outcomes. You will also learn how to encourage team members to shift out of their competitiveness to truly acknowledge, trust and stand for each other.

The training will be held by Marilyn Atkinson and will be held in English.

ICF Accredited Coaching Training
This training meets so-called "the gold standard" of the world's largest coaching association - ICF, which means it is one of the best coaching programs in the world.
Pioneering Solution-Focused
Coach Training since 1980
a professional
Join the community
of more than 48 000
Erickson coaches in
85 countries.
Dr. Marilyn Atkinson is the founder of Erickson International and the creator of the most effective solution-focused methodology in the world, with a goal to actively contribute to emergence and expansion of philosophy focused on solution.

There are a lot of facts and benefits that guarantee the quality of this training, so you can be sure that you have chosen the perfect program for you. You will be surprised at the difference a 24-hour investment can make to your team’s efficiency, relationship, and performance! Check out some of the benefits of the training:

Over the past 15 years, thousands of employees from many different organizations have participated in this work.

This course is customizable to your specific project or challenges.

The structure and principles of this program foster innovation.

ICF CCE credits (14hrs)

At the end of the course, you will get Erickson Team Coach Certificate.

Participants learn how to develop an energetic team-thinking environment.

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Day I
Day II
About Marylin Atkinson

Marilyn Atkinson is the founder of Erickson Coaching International and the originator of a well-known, comprehensive, Solution-Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching model. Her model has actively contributed to the emergence and expansion of Solution-Focused Psychology, and the development of Meta Program Analysis for effective hiring and managerial approaches worldwide.

For the past ten years she has been developing highly effective and specialized coach training programs (ICF ACTP-accredited The Art & Science of Coaching) that are currently being taught in 45 countries.

For more information visitwww.marilynatkinson.com

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