Coaching is a process of work that has a goal of improving client’s performance, usually trough work one on one, as well as reflection of the way application of specific knowledge and skills. Coaching acts as a driving force that liberates human potential and generates new and creative ideas, models and behaviors that lead to success.

Coaching vs Therapy

Unlike therapists and counselors, coaches don’t focus on the childhood or past experiences that might be the root of the way a person lives or feels. Instead they help their clients get clear on what they want in the future, why they want it, and how they are going to achieve it.

Coaching vs Consulting

Consultants diagnose the needs of an organisation or individual and offer their own solutions based on their specialised expertise to ‘fix’ the problem; solutions which they often implement for the client as well. Coaches use tools and processes to help clients to generate their own solutions and then hold them accountable for following through.

Coaching vs Sports Coach

Someone new to coaching might hear the word “coach” and think football, but sports coaches generally are in charge, setting the goals and the path to victory. Teaching, correcting, and managing are all skills a sports coach would use. Professional life, business or executive coaching is the opposite; it’s the client who sets the goals.

Each result in coaching is an insight that helps the client to use his potentials and skills.