Training – Coaching competencies for leaders

Training – Coaching competencies for leaders

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Training – Coaching competencies for leaders

March 30, 2021. / Online

Are you facing more and more frequent changes in business? You realized that the style of command and control does not give good results in the new circumstances? Are you looking for new tools and approaches that will boost your performance?
Start your process of building leadership competencies and get great results.

Training Coaching Competence for Leaders is a program based on solution-oriented coaching tools. Authenticity, agility, adaptability are the preconditions for success and it is the business reality of today.
The specificity of this training is that it deals with real scenarios and events.

A solution-oriented coaching approach is used as a basic tool for solving specific situations.

1 Communication
  • Advanced solution-oriented communication techniques
  • Active listening – 3 levels of listening in communication
2 Focus on results
  • Defining goals with a concrete and clearly defined result
  • Clearly defined responsibility of individuals for results
3 Value
  • Reconciling personal value with professional purpose and developing a leadership coaching approach that everyone in the organization want to follow
4 Leadership
  • Top results as an effect of connecting the individual values of individuals with the vision of the company

This training is for you if you want to:

  • Support and realize your vision and achieve strategic goals
  • Improve the organizational culture with new principles that encourage results
  • Develop top leadership competencies at all organizational levels
  • Implement a culture of excellence, responsibility, and results
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Who is this program for?

To individuals at the executive level
Team leaders
Leaders in the transition process

After training you will be able to:

imag3 Differentiate when it is most effective to apply coaching
Prepare and lead 1: 1 constructive coaching conversations focused on the solution
imag3 Identify and adjust organizational values and goals to the values of individual team members. Improve the engagement, retention of individuals in the team and the performance of individuals.

    imag3 Successfully lead team coaching conversations
    imag3 Better use of your existing management techniques and tools
    imag3 Find a way to connect with other leaders through sharing best practices
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Early-bird discount 10% until February 28!

Why choose Erickson?

The most effective coaching methodology

Coaching program of Erickson Coaching International focused on solutions can be implemented in every segment of life.

41 years tradition

Since 1980. we intensively work on developing the most effective coaching methodology and you have the opportunity to learn about it in Serbia.

International expertise

Program of Erickson Coaching International exists in 85 countries worldwide.

Superior international coaches

rickson Coaching International includes over 100 trainers that conduct coaching trainings all over the world.

Erickson Hub

Access to Erickson Hub will give you the opportunity of constant improvement. You will have access to the most current materials from the coaching world.

This training is accredited by ICF and brings 19.75h CCEU (Continuing Coaching Education Units) of which 13.5h is ICF CC (Core Competences)
international coaches
years of tradition
representative offices in 85 countries around the world

Who will be your trainer?

Maria Ilieva

  • An Executive Erickson Coach with a big experience of corporate life. With more than 17 years in a top managerial positions in banking sphere.
  • Starting as Chief Accountant, passing through Private Banking Head , Board Member and Executive Director and finally ending her banking career as a CEO and Chairperson of a Board of Director for 7 years.
  • During her career she has been in charge of buying, selling, merging , restructuring and starting on a green field operations in the banking industry in a very dynamic environment in co-operation with big consultancy firms.
  • Her passion is to address the decision makers with the right instruments for taking proper decisions, as their influence is huge in the corporations.
  • By education she is Master of Economics graduated in National and World Economy Institute -Bulgaria, Executive MBA in Richmond Colleage London. Second degree -Master of Phycology, Sofia University.
  • At present Erickson Coaching Organizer for Bulgaria and Executive Coach.
  • Her passions are personal development , spiritual development and quantum physics.

If you want to find out more information about training, session dates, potential effects on your career, send us an inquiry and get information from our consultants. Then decide if this training is the beginning of your new successes!

30.03. 2021.

Training duration
10 sessions 2h, once a week


The training is held
in English

Strengthen your leadership skills!

Send an inquiry. We will soon share with you all the information about the training, price, ways, and benefits for payment and schedule of sessions!



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Early-bird discount 10% until February 28!