Marilyn Atkinson

Marilyn Atkinson Ph.D. is the founder of Erickson Coaching International and creator of Erickson coaching model focused on solutions.
She observed for years the work of Milton Erickson and named Erickson Coaching International after him. She had a privilege to work directly with Fritz Perls, the creator of Gestalt psychology. During the last 10 years she has been developing highly effective and specialized coaching trainings (ICF ACTP “The Art and Science of Coaching”), that are being held every year in more than 85 countries all over the world. She is author or co-author of 7 books, including book trilogy “The Art and Science of Coaching”.

Peđa Jovanović

Predrag is a senior partner at Atria Group. His role in the company is international business development. In addition, he is a mentor, trainer and coach with extensive international experience. As a trainer and coach Peđa works with companies and individuals around the world (Serbia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany, Poland, India, Singapore, Brazil, Qatar, Austria, Bulgaria etc.). His areas of expertise are: coaching, NLP, leadership development, effective communication, sales and presentation skills. He has had the opportunity to lead several large projects in the area of leadership development and change in corporate culture, as well as number of different training and coaching programs. So far he has more than 1.000 days of training and more than 2.000 hours of coaching. Before he became a professional trainer and coach, Predrag had spent ten years in various sales positions. He worked as a sales representative of US-based “Arrow Electronics” for Serbia and Montenegro, sales engineer for company “Vita Elko” and regional sales manager in the Japanese company “Omron Electronics” for South East Europe. Predrag graduated electrical engineering at the Department of Physical Electronics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The structure, resistance, and flexibility are the most important characteristics of his work. Some of his titles are NLP Fellow Member Trainer (IANLP), Master Certified Coach (MCC) (International Coach Federation), ICF Mentor Coach, PCM Certified Trainer, Persona Global Master Consultant.

Marija Branovački

Marija is a Sales and Development Manager in international consulting company Atria Group SEE. She is in charge of development projects for various companies in Serbia and the surrounding region. Her area of expertise is working with teams, with main focus on developing potential. She is passionate about involving creativity into development of employees.

Marija is an ICF (International Coach Federation) Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Team Coach of Erickson Coaching International, international NLP Trainer (IN, IA-NLP) and Erickson’s Facilitator. Also, she is a certified PCM Coach (Process Communication Model – Kahler Communication International).

By formal education, Marija is a Doctor of Medicine, graduated from the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Medicine. She brings 10 years of experience in working with people from her role as a Sales Manager at Sanofi, a global pharmaceutical company, where she was in charge of many projects and workshops relating to personal development, team development, and business coaching.

Silvia Viola

A lawyer and trainer for over 15 years and a member of Erickson’s Training faculty, Silvia developed her career mainly in Intellectual Property, anti-counterfeiting, protection of rights and innovation, allowing creativity to be part of her legal work. She trained and mentored young lawyers helping them develop their capabilities and build their businesses. This work later became her inspiration towards Human Development, which eventually brought her to the amazing world of coaching and Solution Focused Development, transforming her world and empowering her clients. Drawing on her background and line of work in training, mentoring, and entrepreneurship, she became an advocate for the development of creativity and innovation in Business and Talent. An ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Registered Mentor she coaches and facilitates groups and teams of entrepreneurs and business executives. Professionally linked to companies for over 20 years, she founded her own branded company “Beyond Bright Minds” with the mission of bringing more creativity and innovation to education and lifelong learning, talent management, business, environment and to society for global contribution to progress, prosperity and well-being. Silvia is bilingual Portuguese and English working in both languages as a trainer, coach, and mentor.

Carla Benedetti

Carla Benedetti joined Erickson International in 2013 to complete The Art & Science of Coaching, Manager as Coach and develop as an Erickson International Trainer.
After 15 years experience in Management, Human Resources and Entrepreneurship, Carla completed her first Corporate Coaching Program. She started her training and coaching practice in 2007. She is a Trainer and PCC member of the ICF (International Coach Federation); member of the Board of Directors of ICF Italian Chapter in 2012 – 2013.
She works with Managers and Professionals who want to improve performance and the quality of their life.
Areas of expertise as coach and trainer include: workforce transformation, entrepreneurship innovation, goal setting training, leadership and organizational development. She has realized innovative projects for Managers and Entrepreneurs together with international speakers such as Sir John Whitmore. Among various programs and services, she offers specific Soft Skills Training that involves the art of theatre, proven to be a great source of learning and inspiration.
 Her active involvement in the promotion of Coaching includes Social Coaching Projects she has designed for Public Institutions in Italy.She truly believes Coaching can contribute to the cultural change that will make the world a better place for all.

Maciej Swiezy

Maciej Swiezy is a certified coach (ICF PCC, ECPC) and trainer holding a doctorate degree in psychology. He draws on his knowledge of diverse developmental methodologies to support awareness and autonomy of other trainers and coaches. As a coach, Maciej is experienced in working with middle and higher level management in business context, as well as with university teachers and trainers. He integrates solution-focused and creative problem solving ideas to coach leadership teams within organizations.

As a trainer, he belongs to the staff of Jagiellonian University Extension – a training center founded by the oldest Polish university, working in partnership with Erickson Coaching International since 2006. Besides training the Art and Science of Coaching, Maciej co-leads an established train the trainer program and group relations workshops. He also works in-house, delivering comprehensive training and consulting services to large organizations around the themes of competence management and quality standards for employee development.

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