The Genius of Milton Erickson

The Genius of Milton Erickson


Milton Erickson, an exceptional and brilliant man, wasn’t just a regular member of his society and its culture, since he was dedicated to learning about the nature of diseases, perception and healing. Despite many difficulties, color blindness being one of them as well as difficulties with hearing, Milton Erickson has become famous for his incredible skill of perception. Alongside successful career as a therapist, due to which he has become a legend of his time, Erickson has also left fragments of his work in the numerous books he has written.

Some of his most famous quotations are:

‘You are as unique as your fingerprint is.’

‘The goal without the date written next to it remains just a dream.’

‘Life will most certainly bring you pain. That’s why it is up to you to create joy. At first, you have got to understand the prison in which your mind is detained, in order to liberate it.’

‘You already know something that you haven’t been aware you know.’

‘Change will lead to a new insight rather than the other way round.’

‘Majority of people are going through their life projecting nothing but weakness, it is up to us to transform that projection into projection of power’.

‘Coaching transforms problems into challenges, challenges into opportunities and opportunities to gifts.’

‘I am self-confident. I look self-confident. I act self-confident. I speak self-confident…’

‘You may teach your child about the importance of pain by your example. You can also teach your child what it’s like to live without pain through your example as well.’

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