„The Art and Science of Coaching“ Module 5

„The Art and Science of Coaching“ Module 5

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„The Art and Science of Coaching“ Module 5 – The last opportunity to provide yourself an ACTP certificate under privileged conditions!

If you have completed the training “The Art and Science of Coaching” (modules m1-m4) before 4th of April 2019. and you want to become an ICF professional coach, then this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Why?

Organizovacemo samo jednom

TASC Module 5 will be organised only once

Date: from 1st to 3rd of November

This is the most efficient way to gain ACTP certificate

If you complete TASC M5 it will not be necessary for you to re-invest time and money in additional 10 mentoring sessions between ACC and PCC level of accreditation.

The most competitive program in the region

We are your coaching partner on the success road and therefore we want to provide you with the best quality program in the most favourable conditions.

How to get ICF certificate?

When you finish the coaching training “The Art and Science Coaching”(module m1 – m4), you will have a sufficient number of training hours to apply for the ICF ACC or PCC level of certification. What separates you from ICF certificate are coaching hours (coaching sessions) and mentoring sessions. If you complete TASC m5, it is not necessary for you to attend to mentoring sessions anymore. Once completed, the TASC m5 will replace your mentoring sessions if you want to apply for a PCC level of accreditation in future (you will not need to invest additional time and money). You can see the details in the table below:

What is the structure of TASC m5?

3 training days
6 mentoring sessions
testExam – One participant has a session with a mentor while the other mentor listens


Peđa Jovanović


Carla Benedetti


Silvia Viola


Who will be your trainer?

Carla Benedetti joined Erickson International in 2013 in order to complete The Art & Science of Coaching, Manager as Coach and develop as an Erickson International Trainer.
After 15-year experience in Management, Human Resources and Entrepreneurship, Carla completed her first Corporate Coaching Program. She started her training and coaching practice in 2007. She is a Trainer and PCC member of the ICF (International Coach Federation); member of the Board of Directors of ICF Italian Chapter in 2012 – 2013.
She works with Managers and Professionals who want to improve performance and the quality of their life.Her areas of expertise as a coach and a trainer include workforce transformation, entrepreneurship innovation, goal setting training as well as leadership and organizational development. She has realized innovative projects for Managers and Entrepreneurs together with international speakers such as Sir John Whitmore. Among various programs and services, she offers specific Soft Skills Training that involves the art of theatre, proven to be a great source of learning and inspiration. Her active involvement in the promotion of Coaching includes Social Coaching Projects she has designed for Public Institutions in Italy.
She truly believes Coaching can contribute to the cultural change that will make the world a better place for all.

From 1st – 3rd of November 2019
Price: 1 800 e


“The Art and Science of Coaching” Module V – The last opportunity to provide yourself an ACTP certificate under privileged conditions

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