Parent as a Coach with Marilyn Atkinson

Parent as a Coach with Marilyn Atkinson

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If you are a parent, congratulations! You have, in the same time, the most beautiful and the most challenging job in the world. You work 24 hours per day, 7 days in a week. You don’t have a vacation. You don’t have benefits. You don’t have a salary. Nevertheless, you would never change your role of a mother or a father for anything.

Nobody can prepare you for parenthood. There is no school of that kind. But, what we can and what we want is to support you on your parenting path. We are inviting

About the training “Parent as a Coach”

The training “Parent as a Coach” is exclusive innovative program by Erickson Coaching International from Canada. It was made as a result of challenges analysis that contemporary parents face daily, as well as a wish to give them some solutions. It has never been that difficult to be successful in your career and in the same time be dedicated to your children and to their personal development in a right way as it is nowadays.

Program “Parent as a Coach“ provides simple but powerful techniques that will help participants to build strong and full of love and respect relationship with their children.

Training will be conducted in English.
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About trainer

Marilyn Atkinson Ph.D. is the founder of Erickson Coaching International and creator of Erickson coaching model focused on solutions.
She observed for years the work of Milton Erickson and named Erickson Coaching International after him. She had a privilege to work directly with Fritz Perls, the creator of Gestalt psychology. During the last 10 years she has been developing highly effective and specialized coaching trainings (ICF ACTP “The Art and Science of Coaching”), that are being held every year in more than 85 countries all over the world. She is author or co-author of 7 books, including book trilogy “The Art and Science of Coaching”.

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What is the purpose of this training?

As a participant you will have an opportunity to develop and additionally improve your communication and social-emotional skill, as well as to successfully face the challenges of turbulent digital world.
You will discover key aspects of child’s brain development and you will get clear indications how to practically use gained knowledge. You will get to know more about children’s learning methods and how to support them in their development.

Why is this training important for you?

We included extensive experience and knowledge in the training that is adjusted to every parent on this planet. Nowadays you have a unique chance to attend to it in Serbia. As a training participant you will have an opportunity to learn how to:

Totally adjust your approach to every child and to support them in their development
Master the skills of active-listening and asking right questions in order to easily understand the needs of your child and by that decrease tension and conflicts
Raise your child from emotionally oriented person to grown up directed to opportunities that respects trust and love
Create short-term plans with your child that are oriented on growing up and development
Stay calm, solution-oriented and think positive even when you are in difficult (conflict) situations with your child
Support your child through sincere conversations when he or she is facing the challenges and help him or her to move the focus from problem to the solution
Use storytelling techniques that will help you to spark the imagination development and cognitive abilities of your child
Work on your personal development in order to additionally improve your skills and to become strong role-model and leader for your child
icffTraining “Parent as a Coach” is accredited by ICF and it includes 21 CCEU and by that it can help coaches in renewing their ICF accreditation.

More about “Parent as a Coach” training structure

Overall duration of the training is 3 days. It is designed in order to, through practical examples, explains to the parents the basic principles of effective parenthood based on neurology, development of children’s creativity and researches that were conducted regarding quality family life.

You will have an opportunity to apply gained theoretical knowledge immediately on the training. You will practise how to use different coaching techniques and communication styles in conversations with your children and how to help them solve their problems and challenges.


Catch your chance! An early-bird discount is open until January 31st!