Life coaching is coaching specifically tailored to the individual and focuses on the entire life’s success and progress. Life coaching is motivational, inspiring, exciting and guide to action. It helps an individual to look at where he is now and where he’d like it to be, and helps to overcome the gap. By raising awareness and encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own life, life coaching helps the individual to awaken personal challenges and reach further than he ever could have imagined.

The following statements are some of the topics that can be processed in life coaching:

 “I’m surrounded by the challenges for some time, but I haven’t started to deal with them.”
 “I need to solve an urgent task but do not know where to start.”
 “Everything is OK, but could be better.”
 “It seems to me that my life is going in a constant effort to catch up with something.”
 “My life is all about work, without a bit of fun.”
 “I think that everything would be just great if I had a new job.” (Or if I could lose weight, sell my house, etc.).
 “I would like to share my ideas with someone who would provide me support to make them happen.”
 “I feel isolated in my work, but I find it hard to talk to colleagues because it might be interpreted as a sign of weakness.”
 “I’m hiding relationship problems, and I can’t share them with friends and family, because it would seem disloyal to my partner.”
 “I’m tired of my daily routine and I feel I have the strength to get out of it.”
 “I’m lost and I don’t know where to go.”

If the individual feels negative and lacking in motivation, coach will help him cope with the assumptions and beliefs that do not allow him to go on and prosper. Life coaching provides space and time for analysis of the challenges and options in order to make the best choices.

Coach can help in testing ideas, such as a business plan, what to put in your presentation, how to conduct a successful job interview, how to find a new hobby, how to quickly implement a new fitness regime … the list is endless. If an individual has a feeling that he had “lost his compass,” coach will help him to focus by setting very effective exercises for him, designed to assist in the identification of what an individual would like to have, to be or to do.

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If there is a constant suspicion of what a person does, or some things do not go as expected, and reasons are not clear, perhaps this is due to the deviation of the own values​​, the things that are most important to the individual, such as for example achievement, success, caring for others, mental calmness and so on. Coach helps in identifying the true value of the individual and provides support in planning of their implementation.

Coach will offer suggestions only if it is something that individual would welcome. Life coaching provides an opportunity to talk about the challenges with someone who will not offer an opinion based on own experience.