Leader as a coach

Leader as a coach

You have been promoted to a leadership position, but you don’t know how to build your leadership style?
You want to develop the potential of the people you lead, but you don’t know how?
Your goal is to form a high-performing team, but you don’t know which actions you should take?

The “Leader as a Coach” program prepares you for this role. Our mentors are here to support you on your path to success!

At this training you will have the opportunity to master renowned coaching skills. You will learn how to motivate and inspire employees, but also to support them in defining and monitoring success indicators that will lead them to measurable results.

After you have finished the training you will be working with mentors, which will enable you to apply the knowledge from the training to personal examples and successfully overcome challenges.

What does the program “Leader as a coach” cover?


Leader as a coach (basic) – Coaching as a leadership style

In order to achieve common goals, encourage team members to enter the process of initiating and supporting change, as well as to make decisions, a manager needs to develop a set of new skills.

Some of them are: professional level of listening and interaction, giving accurate feedback and seeing the full potential of their team members.

In this training you will learn:

  • Key differences between directive management and management using coaching tools
  • Key steps for implementing coaching as a management tool
  • How to lead team members to clear goals and results by using effective questions
  • Questions for vision development: Effective tools for linking long-term vision and action steps
  • How to make a plan to effectively align your goals and the goals of team members with the goals of the organization
  • How to increase the motivation of team members in relation to the work they do
  • How to lead a 1:1 coaching session

Who is “Leader as a coach – basic” intended for?

  • Those who have been promoted to a leadership position and want to build a leadership style
  • Leaders who want to improve results by using a coaching approach
  • Leaders whose goal is to increase the engagement and motivation of the people they lead
  • Leaders who want to significantly improve results and influence, but do not know how – a mentoring approach

Education structure:on322

Training date:

    7 – 10. of April 2022. / 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Leader as a coach and team coach (advanced) – Coaching as a leadership style and building of high-performing teams

Leader as a coach and team coach (advanced) – Coaching as a leadership style and building of high-performing teams
Through a 1: 1 coaching approach, you can significantly help individuals reach their full potential, and become renowned experts in their fields, however, in order for the company to grow and achieve results, these experts need to work synergistically as a team, not as a group of people.
If you want to form and lead a high-performing team, it is important to use appropriate techniques and tools, which will enable you to encourage team spirit, mutual support and motivation among employees. If people know not only what they do, but why they care about what they do, individuals are more easily connected to a team goal and reach it faster. The advanced level of this education is intended for mastering the above mentioned skills.
* All participants in advanced training pass the “Leader as a coach – (basic)” level.

In this training you will learn to:

  • Lay the basics and foundations of team coaching
  • Define team dynamics and communication among team members
  • Establish the foundations of organizational culture (define mission, vision and values of the team)
  • Support the team when making decisions
  • Create an action plan for the implementation of the decisions made
  • Prevent and resolve team conflicts
  • Prepare team members to respond to any business challenge
  • Motivate individuals and the team
  • Constructively lead meetings through team coaching

Who is ” Leader as a coach and team coach (advanced)” intended for?

  • Managers who are in the role of team leaders for the first time
  • Leaders who want to build a high-performing team
  • Project managers who want to improve management of multiple teams
  • Leaders undergoing team transformation
  • Scrum masters and Agile managers

Education structure:kvv

Training date:

    • Leaders as a coach (basic) 7 – 10. of April 2022. / 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Leader as a team coach – 20 – 22. Of May 2022.

Be a leader who makes leaders. Stand out among the experts.
This is an opportunity for you to work with mentors who will share their rich experience in the field of management, coaching and mentoring with you, giving you inputs for improving your activities.