What is ICF?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a leading global organisation dedicated to the improvement of coaching profession through setting the highest standards, securing independent certification and building global network of professional coaches. This organisation was founded in 1995. Today ICF includes over 20.000 members worldwide. ICF is known for its golden, highest standards in coaching.

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As a leading global organisation of professional coaches, ICF gives credibility to its members. The focus of this organisation is connecting the members with tools and resources that are necessary for a successful career.

Since March 2010, ICF is also present in Serbia, thanks to accredited programs of Erickson Coaching International. Establishment of ICF Chapter in December 2018 was an extremely important moment for coaching community in Serbia.

Who can be accredited by IFC?

The institutions that want to accredit their program or individuals who want to become professional coaches can apply as candidates for accreditation or certification. The process is a lot different in those cases, so we will explain them separately.

In case if an institution wants to accredit its program:

It’s required that institution, fully or partially, satisfies rigorous rules and high standards of ICF.

Depending on whether or how much the institution satisfies these standards, we differentiate three levels of ICF accreditation:

  • CCE (Continuing Coach Education)
  • ACSTH (Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours)
  • ACTP (Accredited Coaching Training Program)

When you are choosing the education for yourself, it is very important to check the exact level of ICF accreditation that the program satisfies, because the benefits for you after completing the training will depend on that.

ICF also demands the renewal of accreditation every third year

ICF is the only organisation in the world which offers globally recognised, independent accreditation program for coach practitioners.

ICF testimonies are being given to professional coaches who have completed rigorous educational and experiential requirements and who have shown thoroughly understanding of coaching competencies that set the standards of the profession. Achieving ICF accreditation proves dedication of coach to integrity, understanding and mastering the coaching skills as well as dedication to the clients.

How to become an ICF certified Coach?

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