Individual coaching is dedicated to the ones who have necessary knowledge and skills for achieving their goals. It develops self-awareness of the individual and supports him/her to direct personal potentials to fulfilling professional and personal goals.

Who is individual coaching dedicated to?

It is, above all, dedicated to top performers because it is in the top of pyramid of employees’ development – after training and mentoring. In large number of cases clients of individual coaching are directors and owners, as well as senior managers of different companies.


  • Individual coaching is conducted in alignment with standards of the world’s biggest coaching association – ICF (International Coach Federation).
  • Usual duration of one individual coaching session form 45 till 60 minutes and standard duration of coaching project is 10 sessions.
  • Sessions can be held in our space, client’s space or as Skype video call.  

Expected outcome:

As a result, client can achieve goal set on the beginning of individual work with coach or to make important step towards fulfilling it.