ICF is the only organisation in the world which offers globally recognised, independent accreditation program for coaches.

Why is it important to become an ICF certified Coach ?

ICF certification shows to your potential clients your commitment to coaching as a profession and builds your credibility throughout the training industry. Below the text it will be explained why it is so important that your knowledge is accredited by the ICF:

  • More than 84% of clients require an ICF certificate as a guarantee of quality of coaching services
  • Certified coaches earn twice more than non-certified ones
  • Clients who are working  with certified coaches are more satisfied with the service and they will gladly recommend their coach

How to become an ICF Certified Coach?

Similar to organisations that want to accredit their program, there are 3 levels of accreditation available to individuals who want to become a coach:

  • The Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • The Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • The Master Certified Coach (MCC)

A detailed view is given in the table:

Accreditation level Training hours (h) Coaching hours (h) ICF path Mentoring sessions Evaluation CKA
 ACC  60h   100h  Path 1: ACSTH  10   Yes  Yes 
Path 2: ACTP  Mastery Coaching Program No Yes 
 125h  500h Path 1: ACSTH  10    Yes  Yes 
Path 2: ACTP  Mastery Coaching Program No Yes 
MCC 200h   2500h Only one option  10 Yes  Yes 

Important note:

ACSTH (Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours) – Erickson Training “The Art and Science of Coaching” module 1-4 meets the requirements of ACSTH.
ACTP ( Accredited Coaching Training Program) – Mastery Coaching Program, after training “The Art and Science of Coaching” meets ACTP requirements.
Every 3 years you need to renew your accreditation.

What are the key benefits for you if you decide to apply for “The Art and Science of Coaching training” (TASC)?

  • If you complete the TASC (1st to 4th module), you will get the Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Certificate and you will have enough training hours to apply for the ACC, as well as for the PCC level of ICF accreditation.
  • If you complete the Mastery Coaching Program, with all the other requirements that you can find in the table, you are eligible for the ACC level of ICF accreditation.
  • Your coaching path after completion of the Mastery Coaching Program will require an additional investment only when you decide to apply for the highest level of ICF accreditation – MCC (you will not be required to attend mentoring sessions until MCC accreditation, which significantly saves your time and money).
  • On all modules of the training your trainers will be international ICF coaches.
  • Our coaches will support you in acquiring coaching skills – organising triads and mentoring workshops.
  • You can participate again in the whole training or in a specific module under privileged conditions.
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What do you need in order to become an accredited coach?

In order to obtain ICF certification you need to have:

Training hours of ICF accredited coaching programs (ACSTH and ACTP):
Completed modules (from 1st to 4th) of Erickson Coaching International training, “The Art and Science of Coaching”- it meets only ACSTH requirements.
Completed Mastery Coaching Program of the same training that meets the ICF ACTP standard.

Coaching Hours
Coaching hours with clients outside of the coaching training program.
You can record those coaching hours in a table defined by the ICF.

Work with a mentor (Mentor sessions)
Various ways of collecting mentoring hours are shown in the table above.

Evaluation (valid for multiple levels of PCC and MCC accreditation)
This is a test of your coaching skills. It will be necessary for you to deliver audio recordings and written transcripts of coaching sessions.

All of the applicants for the accreditation must complete the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) consisted of a multiple-answer test. CKA is required only once.

ICF Accreditation Holders should demonstrate a clear understanding of:

  • ICF definition of coaching
  • Key ICF competences
  • Ethical Codex

Important notes:
ACSTH (Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours) – Erickson Training “Coaching Art and Science” modules 1-4 meets the requirements of ACSTH.
ACTP ( Accredited Coaching Training Program)  – Erickson Training “The Art and Science of Coaching”, Mastery Coaching Program meets the requirements of ACTP.
Evaluation of the impact implies that an applicant for accreditation, along with a request, should also send to the ICF two sessions in audio format, as well as their transcripts.
For more details about ICF accreditations visit http://www.coachfederation.org
For more details about training courses visit Erikson Coaching International  www.erickson.edu

Maintenance of ICF accreditation

The ICF maintains high standards for professional coaches around the world and it also requires the accreditation to be renewed every third year.

Continuing Coaching Education (CONTINUING COACH EDUCATION – CCE)

If coaching training program is CCE ICF accredited, that means that the hours of that training program can be used for ICF credential renewal. For example,  “PCM Coach” is that type of coaching training program. CCE accredited training programs usually contain hours for Core Competencies and Resource Development.

Core Competencies: Advanced coaching training, writing or research directly related to ICF Core Competencies.
 Resource Development: Training, writing, research or self-study outside of the ICF Core Competencies that contributes to the professional development of a coach.

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