What is professional coaching?

The main objective of coaching is to improve the results and performance of client in various areas of life and business. Coaching has the role of driving force that liberates human potential to create new and creative ideas, models and behaviors that lead to success. The task of a coach is to clearly and impartially support the client in the way of the arrival of new information that the client later passed into everyday life. Development is a key element of coaching. Development is defined as a continuous process of growth and learning, and in accordance with this definition, goal of coaching can be defined as personal and professional development of individuals assisted by a coach.

What differentiate coaching from consulting, therapy or sports coaching

Coaching is most similar to consulting. However, the difference between coaching and consulting is that in the process of consulting client receive ready-made solutions, while the coaching is the process in which, in response to specific questions the client comes up with a solution that is best for him. Coaching is not therapy. While treatment mainly focuses on problems in the past, coaching is directed to finding a solution in the future by the client. Coaching involves several elements of sports coaching such as teamwork, finding and development potential. Unlike sports coaching, there are no good or bad results. Each result in coaching is the insight that helps clients to exploit their potential and skills.

How coaching process looks like

Primary way of working with coach is through coaching sessions, and they represent a conversation between the coach and the client, where the client responds to some, for him the important questions. However, coaches are more satisfied when clients themselves find solutions for specific situations, but when coach give them ready made solutions as something that clients should do.

How long coaching process should last?

Length of the coaching process can not be determined in advance. Coaching is determined by the goal that the client wants to achieve and therefore varies from a few coaching sessions to several years.

Why is coaching so popular

There are several reasons why coaching is so much popular. Basically coaching was created as a response to some of these questions and thinkings, that almost every one of us asks ourselfs:

You are doing things that you need to or you do not want, just because you think you are correct? Many people are tired of doing things that they think are correct and are willing to do the things they really want. Through coaching, clients realize that the choice is possible.

The goals seem unattainable to you? In the course of coaching, clients realize how easily they can achieve goals that are a few years ago seemed unattainable. This long-term benefit is precisely the reason why more and more people are free to set aside time and resources to invest in yourself through the process of coaching.

Looking deeper meaning of your work? People are looking for the deeper meaning of life and the work they do, and the task of coaching to assist them.

Why is important for coach to be certified

  • It gives credibility to your knowledge and experience in coaching
  • Clients consider it important that their coaches are certified
  • Certified coaches have higher incomes
  • Clients often recommend a certified coaches