The HUB is a safe online facility for participants of training to access course information, materials and resources. It also facilitates communication with trainers and fellow students, strengthening the Erickson College community.

The HUB offers students two main advantages

1. Resources
It saves you time and effort in saving and organizing your class materials. You can now download and save them whenever you please.

2. Community

You can benefit from getting involved with the Erickson online community. Expand and clarify your knowledge with your trainer and classmates by contributing to class specific or wider community forums.


The new HUB provides you with a central place to download your coaching class materials, allowing us to provide you with the most relevant content for your course. Instead of emailing you materials such as PDF handouts, you can now access them on demand from the HUB. You can rest assured that they will always be available on-demand, saving you the trouble of trawling through your emails to find them or accidentally deleting them.

Students enrolled in The Art & Science of Coaching (Onsite & Online) will have access to recordings of The Art & Science of Coaching Summer Intensive. Once you have completed a module, the corresponding recording will become available to you on the HUB. We are going to give you access to the recordings for a whole year after you complete the module meaning you can refresh your experience whenever you like! Furthermore, there will not be the pressure to take mountains of notes during your actual class as you can reinforce your experience with the recording after the event.

You also receive access to all the new Steps To Success materials. Steps To Success is a complimentary course designed to give you the tools and know-how to start thinking about your own coaching business. The HUB will provide you with all three videos, all the social media guides, a library of helpful links and business planning templates.

3 video presentations: Basics of business, sales and marketing
 5 PDF guides: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, website and blog
 1 webinar a month to get answers to all your questions.


The Erickson HUB revolutionizes two-way communication between Erickson College and participants of training. The HUB uses online forums for each module and each class within that module, meaning each forum is specific to relevant topics. This help reduce irrelevant questions and comments, making it easy to navigate. There is however a ‘General’ forum in which any coaching related topic (including ICF certification) can be raised and discussed. The HUB also allows you to communicate with your trainer at your convenience, you are able to ask questions or clarify points from your course.

Erickson College operates on an international scale. The HUB allows students, trainers and organizers from every corner of the world to communicate and share their thoughts, ideas, coaching techniques, world game, experiences, types of clients, course recommendations and positivity!