Coaching skills for managers – develop them!

Coaching skills for managers – develop them!

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One of the key tasks of a manager is to create working atmosphere and environment that would support high productivity.

There are many external and internal parameters that influence success of a manager in his efforts to create such atmosphere, and some of them are: mission and vision, feeling of purpose, trust and respect towards employees, continuous investment in training and development of employees and so on. If it is required from a manager to create motivating working environment through improving these parameters, than a manager could take over a role of a coach within his company and develop his/her coaching skills.

In the case a manager wants to use coaching skills in a meeting with his employees, he must firstdefine a topic and a goal of particular meeting.

The second step for preparation of coaching is the hardest one, and that is engaging your employee in communication. Managers often know a solution for situations in which their employees end up, it’s what these employees expect from them after all. As the energy flows towards where attention is directed, it is necessary at first to direct attention to the good sides of a job done.

The next step is the question through which your employee is directed towards improvements that he would make regarding the job done previously. A person should be encouraged to openly share its views in this step. This is a very useful approach since with this communication, the manager is putting himself in the role of a person that is interested both for his employees and the results. This way a very positive environment is created, environment that supports growth and development of both sides engaged in coaching process.

In the next step, you may engage your employee in the process of working on his skills, where conversation should be cooperative, neutral and focused, for as long as it takes for you to reach an agreement regarding action steps needed to be taken in order to reach the goal.

When this agreement is reached, the final step is the confirmation of everything previously agreed. The client needs to plan the action steps that need to be taken in order to accomplish the goal. It is very important for employees to have a positive impression and desire to make the action plan come true in the end of the coaching process.

Using coaching skills as a tool in the management process, leads to better understanding between the managers and their employees, building trust, encouraging employees to think innovatively and better working atmosphere.

In case you as well want to develop coaching skills that you could use in communication with teams and individuals on a daily basis, by working on various topics, regardless of any characteristic of yours or your client’s (working experience, gender, education…) we invite you to take part in the only accredited training program featuring coaching in Serbia.

Training program “The Art and Science of Coaching” is a product of a well-known Erickson college from Canada and it presents the best foundation for every future life or business coach that wants to fully master the skills of leading coaching sessions. The program consists of 4 modules, each of which lasts for 4 days, offering a chance for all participants to learn about a unique solution oriented methodology.