Coach Up – Experience Professional Coaching

Coach Up – Experience Professional Coaching

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How to know that something is really working? That has the highest quality and is really valuable to us?

People can tell us the stories, we can read many types of research and theories, meet the experts, but the best way to discover if something is working for us or for our company is to try that something ourselves.

Although coaching has existed in the world for decades, people still equate this methodology with consultation, mentoring, or therapy, and still cannot understand what the proven results of this methodology are. More than ever, people need personal transformation. Companies need it too.

We believe that coaching is that agent of change, which allows the individual to change the world one conversation at a time.

Due to all the above, we want to present to you the coaching methodology from the perspective of those who are in the front line. From the perspective of Erickson Professional Coaches. Meet the coaching methodology from experience. Apply for the Coach Up!

What is Coach Up?

Coach up is a series of interactive panel discussions where you will have the opportunity to meet real professionals in the coaching field and to learn more about this methodology from experience. Panelists will be Erickson Professional Coaches coming from different industries: IT, Human Resources, Agile and Product Management Organizations and big Retail Systems.
The first coaching discussion is scheduled for May 28 at 12:00 pm. Your moderator will be the ICF-ACC Coach Marija Branovački.

Topics that we will cover:


Why coaching – personal stories?


Professional Coach first steps – expectations and reality


Coach or Leader – The art of staying in a neutral position


Team coaching in everyday life


Strong vision and values – the key to masterful results


It’s time for Coaching Experience!