You are HR expert, manager or a leader? You want to motivate your team to achieve brilliant results? Your goal is to improve your skills and to make a meaningful step in your career? If your answer on any of these questions is “YES” this training is the right choice for you!

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21st of September 2023.

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After completing the training “The Art and Science of Coaching” (modules I to IV) you will have the opportunity to be certified as Erickson Solution-Focused Coach – ESFC. The Mastery Coaching Program, which you can complete as an extension of this training, is the only program in the region that carries the ACTP standard and creates you the path to the ICF-ACC or PCC certificate.

The numbers show it all!

Coaching increases productivity of employees to 70%, better working organisation to 60% and better team effectivity to 51%.

The only ACTP program in our region that has ICF golden standard

The only ACTP program in our region that has ICF golden standard
Even 84% of clients and organisations require ICF certificate as guarantee of quality when they want to hire a coach.

Some people just follow the standards. The others become the benchmark!

Coaching is a champions’ tool. It belongs only to those who are ready to change the world during every conversation. Are you?

Trening “The Art and Science of Coaching” is improved till the excellence level. We consider that our responsibility is to offer you the most contemporary program of professional coaching based on highest standards of ICF (International Coach Federation), biggest regional coaching institution.

What are the innovations?

Not only was the program improved by incorporating the ICF competences in modules I-IV, but we are also taking care of justifying your investment. ACTP is the best road to ICF accreditation and it significantly saves your time and money.

Training Schedules

Over the course of 16 days you will be able to reach the masterful level of coaching. The training consists of 4 modules. Each module is dedicated to one of the four stages of the coaching project: Inspiration, Implementation, Integration of Values and Completion of the Project. Duration of each module is 4 days. Upon completion of the training, all participants have the opportunity to be certified as Erickson Solution-Focused Coach – ESFC. This certificate includes the golden ICF ACSTH coaching standard and represents the starting point for obtaining the title ICF Professional Coach.

Module I – Inspiration

Did you ever want to inspire people you talk to? To spark him or her to think deeper? To create clear vision and action steps towards meeting the goal? What would happen if we could direct our thoughts towards solving the problems and not only focus on them? First module is about basic structure of coaching sessions as well as about coaching principles focused on solution. This module can be completed also as a separate training.

Module II – Implementation

Even if we have a clear goal that we want to achieve, it is often that we miss its realisation. Why? Desire and motivation to achieve something are not enough. Second module of the training is focused on implementation and development of coaching skills. You will learn how to spark your clients to define their priorities, to set those priorities in clear timelines focusing on available resources and their own skills. This module will give you the opportunity to help your clients to find their answers on the question “How to achieve desired goal?”

Module III – Value Integration

How many times have you witnessed that in some team, even though it has reliable action plan and “how to” expertise, the project starts to stagnate and in the end the outcome is less than expected? Trainer on third module will teach you how to use the methods of raising the awareness about essential values during your coaching sessions. You will learn how to assist to your clients during aligning their own values with the goals they want to meet.

Module IV – Completion and Satisfaction (Masterfully at PCC level)

Fourth module is directed to creating own strategies of success. You will learn how to recognise what stresses or motivates your clients and how to spark them to be completely responsible for achieving their goals. You will meet ICF competencies and you will learn how to give a constructive feedback to your client. This module can be observed as the end of this, but also as the beginning of a new journey, if you decide to get certified as ICF coach.

Benefits of the training

International expertise
100 top-notch coaches

Golden ICF (ACTP) coaching standard
After completion of the Mastery Coaching Program you can be certified as an ICF coach

Erickson HUB
You will have the access to the most current materials through blended learning approach

PReturn of investment
in first module after 10 coaching sessions

Implementation of coaching
culture in an organisation

Continuous learning
It is possible to renew knowledge under privileged conditions


Training certificates

Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Certificate

Program of Erickson Coaching International “The Art & Science of Coaching” is accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation) and it is one of the leading and most widespread coaching training programs in the world. After fulfilling conditions necessary for getting the certificate, the participants get the “Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Certificate” by Erickson International from Vancouver. Company Atria Group is the only representative of Erickson Coaching International that conducts coaching programs in this region.

Conditions for getting the certificate:

– Participation in 16 training days (4 days per 4 modules)
– Full presence on all 4 modules
– Quiz passed after each module
– Minimum 6 coaching triads completed and reported
– 3 coaching sessions recorded and sent in audio format. It is necessary to receive one positive feedback by mentor on any of these 3 sessions.

icff 1

International Coach Federation Credential

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a leading global organisation dedicated to improvement of coaching profession by setting the highest standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of professional coaches.

ICF offers globally recognised, independent accrediting program for coaches. ICF testimonies are being given to professional coaches who have completed rigorous educational and experiential requirements and who have shown thoroughly understanding of coaching competencies that set the standards of the profession. Achieving ICF accreditation proves dedication of the coach to integrity, understanding and mastering the coaching skills as well as dedication to the clients.

ICF offers following accreditations:

– Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
– Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
– Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Erickson program “The Art and Science of Coaching” is accredited by ICF and it contains the label ACTP (Accredited Certified Training Program), which means that it is aligned with ICF standards and directions.

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