5 mistakes you certainly make during the coaching implementation in your team!

5 mistakes you certainly make during the coaching implementation in your team!

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Managers are expected to support employees during the achievement of targeted goals, by giving them all required resources, tools, and development programs, which will help them in further career steps. Unfortunately, lots of managers have no clue or have a very superficial knowledge of what effective coaching is. Reading a good blog, or attending a one-hour lasting workshop, is simply not enough. Time, practice, adequate resources and quality training is needed for one manager to be qualified to properly train his employees.

Next 5 mistakes are most frequent in business coaching. Therefore, we recommend you to pay attention on them.

Mistake #1 Coaching = results evaluation

Some managers think that the best moment for coaching is during the annual evaluation of employee’s results. However, evaluation and coaching are two completely different things. Evaluations take place annually, never more than once in a quarter, and as far as coaching is concerned, it is a process that often takes place on a daily or weekly basis. Similarly, evaluations focus on what was going on in the past, while coaching focuses on what awaits us in the future. Finally, evaluations involve paperwork and bureaucracy, while coaching should be more informal and personal.

Mistake #2 Coaching as a low priority activity

Managers often face many different tasks. Therefore they need to focus on numbers and various reports, and to their superiors, just to go through the day and cope with it. As a result of this, we have coaching as an activity that can be postponed forever. Unfortunately, without coaching, it is quite certain that the results will not be very good, and sooner or later, they will attract the attention of the management, investors and, worst of all, clients.

Mistake #3 Finding an excuse to avoid coaching

You can always think of the excuses. Frequent excuses that we can hear are those where managers and team leaders becoming aware that skills required for success in their own department, are not useful for success in coaching. On the other hand, those leaders who are not experts in, for example, marketing,  can believe that they have no credibility to provide coaching for someone who has achieved better results in a given area. Finally, in companies that have not developed coaching culture, it often happens that managers are not trained, or awarded/praised, for providing coaching. Ignore the excuses, and find the arguments why you should use coaching in your company!

Mistake #4 Feedback and suggestions

Many managers provide coaching by pointing and saying to a lower ranked employee what he/she did wrong and how to correct it. Although this process is time management effective, many people respond to it by becoming passive – aggressive (quietly accepting what is being said, but developing anger inside), or going into the discussion. By giving suggestions you do not reach employees, and they will not learn from their mistakes. Worst of all, coaching that consists of feedback and suggestions devastate relationships between employees.

Mistake #5 Coaching by example

This is the biggest mistake of all. Both manager and employee are having a meeting with a potential client, and, in a certain moment, when manager recognises the problem, and something is not as planned, he jumps in, and shows „how it should be done“. This type of coaching directly ruins the credibility of the employee in front of a client, and for worse, it can come back like a boomerang, as the manager, potentially, is not well known with all the issues for a given client. Also, this kind of activity can affect the confidence of the employee and make him malicious, what certainly does not lead to success and expected results!   

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