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Quiz “Is the coaching profession right for me?”

Coaching is one of the most profitable and fastest developing professions in the world. Also, the idea of helping people reach their goals while making money sounds great to you and you would be happy to get into something like
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Quiz “Is the coaching profession right for me?”
Why choose Erickson Coaching International
Pioneering Solution-Focused Coach Training since 1980

Largest coaching community

There are over 45.000 coaches all over the world.

International experience

Erickson Coaching International is present in more than 85 countries worldwide and has trainers in every continent.

42 years of tradition

You will learn methods and techniques which we have been developing since 1980.

ICF Accredited

Our coaching training is certified by top-notch coach federation, ICF.

Training “The Art and Science of Coaching” – the best training in the region that offers you the opportunity to become an ICF Certified Coach (ACTP)

Did you know that 84% of clients require an ICF certificate as a guarantee of quality of coaching services? Did you know that the coaches whose credibility is confirmed by a certificate are even two times more paid than those who are not certified?

Training “The Art and Science of Coaching” is your best path towards ICF certificate in the region!

How is that possible?

Learn more about the latest coaching trends.

Training – Coaching competencies for leaders

SRB Be the first association to a top leader Training - Coaching competencies for leaders March 30, 2021. / Online ...
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Group coaching vs team coaching

Group coaching vs. team coaching

The team represents much more than a group of people and its members. You would not pick up a few ...
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5 mistakes - coaching

5 mistakes you certainly make during the coaching implementation in your team!

Managers are expected to support employees during the achievement of targeted goals, by giving them all required resources, tools, and ...
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