Set the standard of working excellence - Become a professional coach!
Becomea professionalcoach!

Achieve measurable results and encourage others to do the same!

Training “The Art and Science of Coaching” is the only ACTP program in our region that has ICF golden standard
30.9.2021. Beograd + livestream
The numbers show it all!

Coaching increases productivity of employees to 70%, better working organisation to 60% and better team effectivity to 51%

The only ACTP program in our region that has ICF golden standard

Even 84% of clients and organisations require ICF certificate as guarantee of quality when they want to hire a coach

Some people just follow the standards. The others become the benchmark!

Coaching is a champions’ tool. It belongs only to those who are ready to change the world during every conversation. Are you?

By changing the perspective to
better results!

You are HR expert, manager or a leader? Do you want to motivate your team to achieve brilliant results? Your goal is to improve your skills and to make a meaningful step in your career? If your answer on any of these questions is “YES” this training is the right choice for you!

The only thing that is constant at this moment is change. Agility has become a part of our everyday life. Familiar patterns of behavior and task performance no longer yield results and need to be replaced with new ones. More and more people are goal-oriented, ambitious, and responsible for the outcome, but they often need support along the way. Coaching is a skill that encourages the development of the full potential of individuals.

Join the win-win process: By applying coaching tools you develop your potential, but also encourage others to achieve the same. Erickson's solution-focused model has two dimensions: personal transformation and achievement, and its application allows you to simultaneously motivate employees and track their growth, progress, and results.

Training “The Art and Science of Coaching” (TASC) is lectured in English language.

What do you get after training?

  • Unique coaching tools and techniques that you can apply in working with teams, individuals, as well as in personal development
  • Integrated knowledge based on solution-focused methodology
  • Exclusive access to the coaching community where you can share knowledge and experience
  • Coaching practice that gives you flexibility and dynamism in work - you can start your own coaching business or apply coaching in an existing business
  • Blended-learning approach through an interactive learning platform
  • Erickson Professional Coach certificate that is recognized worldwide and qualifies you for the first two levels of ICF accreditation
  • Continuous support through post-training activities and workshops

The "Art and Science of Coaching" training is for you if:

  • Strive to set a standard of business excellence whether you are starting a coaching business or introducing a coaching culture to an organization
  • You want to contribute to society and the development of people on an individual and global level
  • Growth Mindset is what characterizes you, and you invest time and energy in finding approaches that give measurable results
  • You are the ones who wisely invest your time and money (return money in the first training module after a maximum of 10 sessions)
  • It is important for you to learn from the most eminent international coaching experts (100 top coaches)


Training content and schedules

Module 1
30 Semptember - 3 October 2021

Have you ever wished to inspire your interlocutor? To encourage it to think? Create a clear vision and action steps to achieve goals? What would happen if we focused our thoughts on solving the problem, and not on the problem by itself? The first module deals with the basic structure of the coaching session as well as the principles of solution-oriented coaching. You can complete this module as a stand-alone training.

Module 2

Even when there is a clear goal we want to achieve, it often happens that the realization is missing. Why? The desire and motivation to achieve something are not enough. The focus of the second module is on the development and implementation of coaching skills. On this module you are going to learn about different ways to assist your client in finding their own answers to the question “How can I achieve the desired goal?”

Modul 3
Establishing of Values

How many times have you witnessed in a team that, even though there is a straight plan of action and “how to” expertise, project starts stagnating and in the end result less than projected? This module gives you the opportunity to get to know methods for raising clients’ awareness about core values. You will learn how to assist your clients in connecting their own values with the accomplishment of their goals.

Modul 4

The aim of the fourth module is for you to create your own strategies for success, plans for development of your own coaching business or implementation of coaching in your company.

irst ICF Accredited Coaching Training in our region. This training meets so-called "the gold standard" of the world's largest coaching association - ICF, which indicates that it is one of the best coaching programs in the world.

Who are our clients

How to become an ICF Certified Certified Coach

Erickson Coach Program

  • Participation in 16 training days (4 days per 4 modules)
  • Full presence on all 4 modules
  • Quiz passed after each module
  • Minimum 6 coaching triads completed and reported 3 coaching sessions recorded and sent in audio format. It is necessary to receive one positive feedback on any of these 3 sessions

Duration: 136 training hours

Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Certificate

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Mastery Coaching Program

Work with mentor in groups

Duration: 2 x 2h

„ „1 on 1“ mentoring coaching sessions

Duration: 6 x 1h

Passing the oral assessment

Duration: 1 x 1h

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Erickson ACTP Program

Duration: 154 training hours

Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Diploma (ESFCD)

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years of tradition
coaches worldwide
representative offices in 85 countries worldwide
international trainers
days exclusively dedicated to your development

Whychoose Erickson?

The most effective coaching methodology

Coaching program of Erickson Coaching International focused on solutions can be implemented in every segment of life.

Program that includes golden ICF standard

This training is accredited with highest golden standard by International Coach Federation (ICF), biggest coaching organisation in the world.

40-years long tradition

Since 1980. we intensively work on developing the most effective coaching methodology and you have the opportunity to learn about it in Serbia.

International expertise

Program of Erickson Coaching International exists in 85 countries worldwide.

The biggest coaching community worldwide

At the moment there are over 45.000 Erickson coaches in the world.

Top international trainers

Erickson Coaching International includes over 100 trainers that conduct coaching trainings all over the world.

Erickson Hub

Access to Erickson Hub will give you the opportunity of constant improvement. You will have access to the most current materials from the coaching world.

Implementation of coaching culture in an organisation

If you are a manger who wants to implement coaching in work with the team or an expert that works as an external consultant, you will learn how to apply coaching techniques and tools into some real situations within the organisation.

Training certificates

Erickson Professional Coach Certificate

Program of Erickson Coaching International “The Art & Science of Coaching” is accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation) and it is one of the leading and most widespread coaching training programs in the world. After fulfilling conditions necessary for getting the certificate, the participants get the "Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Certificate" by Erickson International from Vancouver. Company Atria Group is the only representative of Erickson Coaching International that conducts coaching programs in this region.

Conditions for getting the certificate:

  • Participation in 16 training days (4 days per 4 modules)
  • Full presence on all 4 modules
  • Quiz passed after each module
  • Minimum 6 coaching triads completed and reported
  • 3 coaching sessions recorded and sent in audio format. It is necessary to receive one positive feedback by mentor on any of these 3 sessions.
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International Coach Federation Credential

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a leading global organisation dedicated to improvement of coaching profession by setting the highest standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of professional coaches.

ICF offers globally recognised, independent accrediting program for coaches. ICF testimonies are being given to professional coaches who have completed rigorous educational and experiential requirements and who have shown thoroughly understanding of coaching competencies that set the standards of the profession. Achieving ICF accreditation proves dedication of the coach to integrity, understanding and mastering the coaching skills as well as dedication to the clients.

ICF offers following accreditations:

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Erickson program “The Art and Science of Coaching” is accredited by ICF and it contains the label ACTP (Accredited Certified Training Program), which means that it is aligned with ICF standards and directions. More information about the accreditation can also be found on ili

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