Become ICF-ACC Coach in 10 months! - The Art and Science of Coaching Boot Camp
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Become ICF-ACC Coach in 10 months!
The Art andScience of Coaching Boot Camp
For the first time in this region.
It's intensive. Money and time-saving.
It has the highest coaching quality.
July 15, 2021 - Online

You didn't have time? It was too expensive? Now, you don't have excuses anymore. It's up to you if you will become one of the top-notch world coaches in 10 months. This is the opportunity. Will you catch it?

“The Art and Science of Coaching” Boot Camp is available online!
years of tradition
coaches worldwide
representative offices in
85 countries worldwide

we have decided to create an online program that will allow you to become one of the world’s best-recognized coaches. In just 10 months, instead of a year and a half, you will have the opportunity to have your ICF-ACC accreditation.

Some people just follow the standards. The others become the benchmark

Coaching is a champions’ tool. It belongs only to those who are ready to change the world during every conversation. Are you?

After this training, you will have the opportunity to become an influencer or internal coach in your company. A leader that builds and supports leaders. Also, you can start your own coaching business and return your investment in the first module after only 10 coaching sessions.

What you will get?

Exclusive knowledge
(Training Module 1, Module 2 and Mentor Bundle)
Access to Erickson Online Academy
Opportunity to learn from best ICF coaches in the world
The fastest and most cost-effective path to ICF-ACC accreditation

How to become an ICF-ACC coach

Erickson Coach Program

  • Module 1 - Group Online Training Sessions
  • Module 2 - Group Online Training Sessions
  • Attendance & Participation on this 2 modules
  • Erickson Coaching Knowledge Assessments
  • Triad Practice Sessions
  • Reflective Journals

Mentor Bundle

  • Preparation on Erickson Online Academy
  • Group Mentoring Sessions (7 x 1 hour session)
  • One-on-One Mentor Coaching Sessions (3 x 1 hour session)

Erickson ACSTH Program

  • Certificate: Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Qualification
  • 70 hours of training
  • 10 hours of mentoring

* Learners have an additional three (3) months from the end date of the Group Mentoring session to complete all Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Qualification (ESFCQ) program requirements.

* After finishing this for your ICF-ACC accreditation it will be needed to have 100 coaching hours and CKA test. More information you can find here


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