Training „The Art and Science of Coaching“ is perfect. Its perfect combionation of  energy and enthusiasm of trainer and  high quality content and examples. I got the tools and structure that I need in order to start coaching business.


Training „The Art and Science of Coaching“ was very inspiring for me. Good training structure, with a clear understanding of coaching and coaching sessions. I fulfiled my goal which I set before training and I am very setisfied. I will use this knowledge to work both with others and with myself.


“The Art and Science of Coaching course is for every values-based leader who wants to make a difference in the work they do. Whether you are an experienced manager of a large team or an individual contributor, if you believe in coaching and the power of asking questions to inspire and transform people, this course is for you. It has fundamentally changed my perspective on coaching and leadership and we will continue to use the Erickson team to help our company work together more effectively and to perform at a higher level.”


Training „The Art and Science of Coaching“ has met all my expectations in terms of content and method of execution. Goal which I set for myslef before training is achived in a pleasant atmosphere. We worked a lot, we learned a lot and we finished education fullfiled with feeling of enthusiasm.


“Telenor Customer Service have for several years strived to release an ambition of coaching as the philosophy of management in our organization. Marilyn Atkinson and Erickson College really helped us in establishing a common framework and a practical understanding of managerial coaching. All our 80 leaders went through a 5 day course followed by 1:1-coaching and several workshops. Due to brilliant tools and a common understanding of the mastery of coaching, they were able to implement coaching as a leader-style fast and with great effect. We could see remarkable effects on our employees, customer satisfaction and financial results”.

Sandra-BarjaktarevićTraining „The Art and Science of Coaching“ is well structured and well run. Content was well customized for theme and my expectations. Coach was very inspiring, dedicated and competent.

Ivona-MiličkovićI recognized the great value that training „The Art and Science of Coaching“ provided for me. I got a great inspiration and motivation from the cocach. The biggest benefit I regognized in successful use of open questions.


“The Art & Science of Coaching has been transformational; I now truly understand moving from scarcity to abundance. I am so looking forward to stretching myself to becoming a global listener and having trust in that.”

Vesna-StefanovićCoach in training „The Art and Science of Coaching“ was briliant. Coach has a large amount of positive energy and enthusiasm and he achived good balace between theory and practice. This training has exceeded my expectations in terms of learning huge amount of tehniques and noticeablee progress with practical examples.

Sandra-Savanović-StevanovićOn training „The Art and Science of Coaching“ I met all three objectives: knowledge about coaching structure, technique of asking questions and how to better use tone of voice. Great balance between theory and exercises. We got the right answers to many our questions.

Sandrina-Špeh-VujadinovićTraining „The Art and Science of Coaching“ was very interesting and useful for me. I learned a lot of useful techniques. I am going to occupy a different approach to clients, I got new tools and a different view in fulfillment of my personal goals.