Erickson International

  • Who are we?

  • Our Values, Mission and Vision

  • What distinguishes us?

  • Erickson College International is the worldwide renowned educational center which provides its participants professional training programs in coaching and human resources. Erickson International College is one of the largest coaching company in the world, providing professional programs in coaching and human development across the world that meet “Gold standard” of the world’s largest coaching associations – ICF.


    Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, founder of Erickson College and originator of the Solution-Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching model, actively contributed to the emergence and expansion of Solution-Focused Psychology, NLP, and the development of Meta Program Analysis for effective hiring and managerial approaches worldwide. 



  • Our Values


    Our values will become a set of principles that we believe in. They will define who we are, what we do and how we do it.





    Our Vision:


    Raising self-awareness globally through solution-focused human development.


    Our Mission


    To create a world consciousness tipping point by inspiring personal growth through pioneering, transformational coach training.

  • International experience


    Training centers of Erickson International College are located throughout North America, China, Great Britain, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Turkey and Serbia. The headquarters of Erickson College is located in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, in beautiful Vancouver.


    ICF Certificate


    Erickson College programs are accredited by the world’s largest coaching association ICF (International Coach Federation). The most famous program of Erickson College for education of professional coaches is training “The Art and Science of Coaching” which is currently running in more than 25 countries worldwide. This program meets the “gold standard” of ICF and since October 2009 this program is carried out in Serbia.


    All our trainers are certified and have years of experience in the field of training.