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The basics of digital marketing

Online marketing is the most important feature that you should take into account during starting and running your coaching business since it will be crucial for your positioning among your competition. Coaching is not as tangible product as others, which makes online marketing the single most effective way through which you can develop your brand. Once all the segments are put into practice and you start using them regularly, the promotion of your business will last 24/7.


Coaching terms: Did you know their meaning?

Individuals and organizations, who are interested in coaching education, often don’t understand the differences between certification, credentials and accreditation. Many coaching schools promote their certificates as internationally recognized but often its not clear what international certificate really means. The International Coach Federation (ICF) as the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals, strongly insists on making a clear distinctions between these coaching terms. (more…)

The Genius of Milton Erickson

Milton Erickson, an exceptional and brilliant man, wasn’t just a regular member of his society and its culture, since he was dedicated to learning about the nature of diseases, perception and healing. Despite many difficulties, color blindness being one of them as well as difficulties with hearing, Milton Erickson has become famous for his incredible skill of perception. Alongside successful career as a therapist, due to which he has become a legend of his time, Erickson has also left fragments of his work in the numerous books he has written. (more…)

Five tips on efficient time management

Starting a coaching business may be quite stressful and complex process. Entrepreneurs constantly make essential strategic decisions about the future of their companies, but they can’t allow themselves to neglect their daily duties such as phone calls, meetings, coaching sessions and other operative activities. That is why time management is one of foundations of a successful business.