Atria Group

  • Who are we?

  • Why Atria?

  • What distinguishes us?

  • We are Atria Group, an international consulting company which offers a wide portfolio of assessment tools, development programs, professional trainings, coaching and mentoring in fields of professional and personal development. Our specialty are corporate trainings in field of leadership skills, communication skills, selling skills and managing skills, as well as coaching focused on solutions, and evaluation of our work which is measurable.

  • The metaphor behind the name Atria best describes what is important to us, where we’re going and how we support our customers. For us, Atria is the multifaceted and multidimensional name. The first meaning is a star. Atria is the star belonging to the star constellation “Triangulum”, belongs to the class of great giants, and radiates orange light. The second meaning is associated with the architecture. Atria is the plural of atrium – a large open space in the building which gives a feeling of space and light.

  • Standards

    All our programs are accredited by leading international associations in the areas of personal and organizational development.


    Assessment tools

    We use cutting-edge technologies and assessment tools which help us measure performance, organizational and team climate, and the results of all our trainings.


    Corporate experience

    All our trainers and coaches have rich corporate experience, and are accredited for the delivery of our programs.