Team Coaching with Marilyn Atkinson in Prague

The 3-day training called „High Performance Team Coaching“ will be held in Prague in November 21 – 23rd, 2017 and will take place in the Czech Republic for the first time. The training will be presented by Marilyn Atkinson and is intended primarily for coaches, managers and leaders.

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Interested in Coach Training

Selecting a coach training program can be confusing. There are hundreds of boutique coaching programs, educational institutions and virtual organizations that offer coach training and certification. The learning curriculum ranges vastly and many programs use their home-grown theories, models, methodology, tools and exercises to support coaches who will then be able to use this material to support clients.

7 ways to become a better coach

First you were inspired and trained to become a coach. Then you began doing what it takes to create a sustainable, successful business. Now what?

Coaching skills for managers – develop them!

One of the key tasks of a manager is to create working atmosphere and environment that would support high productivity. There are many external and internal parameters that influence success of a manager in his efforts to create such atmosphere, and some of them are: mission and vision, feeling of purpose, trust and respect towards

6 coaching skills every manager should have

“Employees are not leaving the companies, they are leaving managers.” This sentence has become very popular on the Internet very quickly and it has initiated countless discussions on this issue. But the question is, why do employees persist in working in their companies every day, for 8 or more hours a day, without ever telling

The basics of digital marketing

Online marketing is the most important feature that you should take into account during starting and running your coaching business since it will be crucial for your positioning among your competition. Coaching is not as tangible product as others, which makes online marketing the single most effective way through which you can develop your brand.

Questions that will help you determine your target group

As the time goes by, you will develop a vision of your future coaching business, if you are not sure where to start from. Think about how your brand will look like, how you would do marketing and sales. There is a couple of key things you need to start from if you want to

10 ways in which coaching can help your company

In the past few years, it became clear that the professional coaching has significantly contributed to the return of investments in companies. Are you wondering how coaching can help your company? Discover 10 ways for that in the following text.